Bottega Verde – Detergente viso con olio di Rosa Mosqueta

by beltranmakeup

Detergente viso con olio di Rosa Mosqueta

Hello everyone! Today we’re talking about a skincare product that I’ve been using for a long time now and it’s the Face Cleanser with Rose Hip Oil from Bottega Verde.

I use this cleanser in three different ways: with my hands, face brushes or the konjac sponge.

The texture of this product is very creamy and thick, but in contact with water it melts immediately doing very little foam. For this reason I don’t like applying it with hands, especially when I need to remove every make-up residue.

Sometimes when I use clenaser and face brushes I happen to have skin issues like irritation and redness, but that’s not the case. So when I’m wearing a lot of make-up and want to be sure to remove everything, I remove the most with make-up removers and then I wash my face with cleanser and brushes.

My favorite combo, however, is certainly with the konjac sponge. The konjac sponge itself is a great product and used with the cleanser combines cleansing and micro-exfoliation in one step (everything very soft and gentle).

Even if it’s a mild cleanser, I don’t use it every day. I prefer to limit its use at night and especially in those days when I wear a lot of make-up.

When I go out make-up free or spend all day at home, I use only the konjac or at least a microfiber cloth.

Although I am not a fan of fragrances in skin care products, in this case it’s not particularly annoying. I don’t know if it smells like rose hip because I have no idea of what the real scent of a rose hip is, but it doesn’t last long and goes away immediately.

Regarding the INCI, we are not dealing with a “green” product at all, so if you’re looking for a cleanser with(out) certain ingredients, you should look elsewhere.

For me the INCI is not a problem so I might buy it again in future, but definitely if I find it on sale.

The full price is € 17.00 for 250 ml and the expiration date is 12 months.


Detergente viso con olio di Rosa Mosqueta Detergente viso con olio di Rosa Mosqueta Detergente viso con olio di Rosa Mosqueta


See you soon!


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