Nyx – Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

by beltranmakeup

nyx milk

Milk has been my first Nyx product and probably the reason why I got to know the brand, many years ago. At that time there weren’t stores in Italy and it was very hard to find them on ebay or other few websites.

Today we know that the American brand has finally landed on our territory with an official online store and several physical stores.

Over he years I’ve tried different products and I have to say that Milk is definitely one of the best.

nyx milk nyx milk nyx milk

The texture of this eye pencil is soft and creamy and the product can be used as an eyeshadow, as a primer, as a base for everything you want to do on eyes, face, body and even sheets and canvas.

The color is a high-pigmented white, completely matte, and for me is the perfect base to neutralize my skin color and emphasize the eyeshadows I want to apply, especially pastel or bright ones.

nyx milk nyx milk

Because it’s very soft, you don’t have to rub it on your eyes to get an intense color payoff and I suggest you to apply an eye primer to prevent it from creasing, especially if you have oily skin.

Nyx is launching new products almost every month and I don’t know if Milk is still so famous as it was years ago, but I think you should definitely try it, if you still haven’t. To be honest, I tried to find dupes from other brands but Milk is definitely my favourite one.

Price: 6,60 € for 5 grams of product. PAO: 6 months.


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