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Nabla – Selfish eyeshadow & Makeup look

3 August 2017

Way back in 1816 I decided to buy one of the most beautiful eyeshadows that Nabla has ever made: Selfish.

Selfish is an extraordinary eyeshadow and I still find it hard to describe its colour. According to Nabla, Selfish is a burnt teal based eyeshadow with multicolour highlights where pink, purple, champagne and indigo colours gleam.

I do see the world in it.

Apparently, it’s a common purple eyeshadow, but when applied on the eyelids it reveals all of its teal base and multicolour highlights.

Selfish is one of the Celestial eyeshadows that can be used both as top coats and alone. The best method to apply them is definitely with fingers.

selfish nabla selfish nabla selfish nabla selfish nabla


selfish nabla selfish nabla


selfish nabla selfish nabla selfish nabla selfish nabla


For the look I’m wearing in the pictures, I applied only Selfish on the entire eyelid and the Shade 9 eyeshadow from MUA to the inner corner.

For the rest of the face I used the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil to contour and Angel from Nabla to highlight.

I applied Vamp it Up from Wet n Wild on the lips (another beautiful product as well).

For the eyebrows I definitely used the eyebrow stylist set and make me brow mascara from Essence.

I have no idea of what foundation and mascara I used, but I think they were from Kiko and Essence.

I also had a fake septum which is very useful for those of us who are too scared of getting a real one.

Price: 11,50 € (9.90 € the refill version) for 2,5 grams.

⚫Selfish ⚫@nablacosmetics

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Hope you like it and see you soon!


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